¿Who am I?

I’am every woman who has fought, every man who has cried, every child that has been afraid, every dream, every doubt, every challenge, every love story, every laughter… and this is were I express myself!

I’m a 26 year old psychologist, passionate about literature, writing, nature, animals, culture, photography, art, altruism, psychology and people!

I love hiking, travelling, taking pictures, learning, reading and of course, writing.

As Carlos Fuentes would say: “I started writing to live and now I write, so I dont die”

Started writing 6 years ago for me, but I realized I wrote about subjects that could help people, because they could identify themselves and from there, start a journey of understanding and reflection, or simply just find a different perspective that will help enrich themselves… If none of this are you, maybe just out of fun and curiosity!