Everyone is beautiful.

I once heard someone saying: “Saying every single person in the world is special is just a way of saying that nobody actually really is”

And if you think about it, it kind of makes sense, and I actually had that thought for a while until I came to realize:

Do you think a lot of countries, of cities, of towns in the world are beautiful? Because I do. I could think of a thousand of them and could fall in love with every single one.

I bet you could get amazed by France and its beautiful tour Eiffel, incredible gardens, its cheese and its wine!

You could fall for Italy and its incredible history, art and culture… With Australia and its surreal landscapes and endemic species, with Mexico and its beaches and traditions…

And then you could start to understand that that happens with almost everything in this world: With types of nature, with  kinds of animals, with the million of existing songs, of sports, of languages… and I could go on!

Well… I think it works the same with humans! Every single one of them has its own beauty and that doesnt mean they are more or less beautiful, because we are simply not comparable to one another.

Just as you cant compare Australia with Russia, or Canada with Argentina, mexican food with french food, a beach with the woods, a whale with a tiger….

Every single one of this countries, landscapes, animals and even food are amazing and have their own magic! So YES, every single person in this world is beautiful and every single person in this world is magical… we just happen to have our OWN and UNIQUE way.

What do you think?


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