The Whistleblower: Kathryn Bolkovacs

Are you familiar with Kathryn Bolkovacs case? The american police officer who unraveled the human trafficking net in Bosnia were police officers, diplomats and even UN workforce were involved?


If not, check this out:

Kathryn Bolkovacs was a police american officer who was sent to Bosnia as a UN international police for a post-war assignment to “restore peace”.

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She there found a big human trafficking net were diplomats, UN employees and police officers were not just only clients in the business, but were actually involved in maintining it and receiving a lot of the profit.

When Kathryn Bolkovac realized that this was going on, she tried to press charges against the traffickers that were involved but since they were a lot of officers, military contractos and UN diplomats they counted with “international inmmunity” which means they cannot be arrested.

Also, every effort to get the cases into the light was sent to the trashcan by the UN workforce and leaders that were involved, and even saving the girls and women that were trapped was useless because they were taken back to the slavery the minute they were saved. This made it even worse because they were punished and tortured even more for confessing to the police, with the impossbility to take a victim to testify before a judge.

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This american police officer got fired and kicked out of the UN, along with all of the human traffiicking cases she collected that were closed of course by the organization, and all she was left to do was to return home and do something so at least the world would know about it.

Kathryn Bolkovacs wrote a book about her story and actually wrote all of the real names of the people involved (including the diplomats, police officers etc.). It is called “The Whistleblower: Sex Traffiicking, Military Contractors and a Woman’s Fight for Justice”. You will also find the movie as “The Whistleblower”.

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Kathryn has never been hired again by an international organism and eventhough she won a lawsuit against DynCorp, finally exposing them for what they had done, the majority of the people involved did not faced any criminal charges, they were just sent home.

Why is the human trafficking so strong and so hard to be stopped? 

I think one of the reasons besides having consumers and clients (and other multiple factors that affect), the one I want to bring up in this article is because traffickers work in nets and in teams, which makes them EVEN stronger and as a consequence harder to break them; and usually the people who try to do something about it are completely alone.


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Maybe because we dont want to risk our safety and our families or maybe because we think its impossible to do it or I dont know… Maybe we just dont know what to do to help.

If you read this and answered to yourself the first option, then would you think it would be possible to wreck it is if as a society we would work together as a team?

I think our societes around the world are so divided and we are so individualistic, that without knowing we’ve given this people the perfect operating model: our fragmentation and separation as an antidote for us to do NOTHING.

As I once read in a book: “Breaking one pencil is easy. Breaking 50 together, as fragile as each of them may seem, is almost impossible”

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What do YOU think?

What other option you think there is to help the cause?


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