What would it happen if people actually did what they really love?

There would be a whole lot more happy people for sure, don’t you think?

Would there be more love and less hate towards others?

Do you agree or think differently?

And why am I saying this?

I think for starters there are two ways to fallin doing things you don’t like in your life, or maybe you like them, it doesn’t really bother you, but YOU DON’T FEEL PASSIONATE ABOUT IT:


  • You really don’t know what you really love
  • You know it but you’re afraid to do it because you’re afraid you will be unsuccessful

The first fact: You don’t really know what you love:

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It’s not something to worry about if you actually decide to do something about it, in this case you just got to dig in yourself. And I said IN, not, OUT. Whatever you’re looking for outside it’s not going to work. But you may ask yourself, what the hell do I mean with “Look inside yourself?” And that’s a valid question, when I once heard it I also thought “What the heck are they talking about?” Until I had the chance to live the experience, I understood.

  1. First of all: MEDITATE, just 18 minutes a day. This is just closing your eyes, seating in a comfortable position (but not laying down so you don’t fall asleep). Focus your attention in your breathing, if any thought comes up, just let it pass, and focus again. This will help you to bring anxiety and anguish levels down, the part of your brain for empathy expands; serotonin, the neurochemical for positive emotion goes up, and your whole body reacts to this new positive feelings you’ll start to have. It will also tear down the the barriers of your unconsciousness, letting you know more about yourself (what you like, what you don’t) bringing us closer to the next point.

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  1. Start writing a list of things that you like to do and the ones you don’t know, you go figure out what are they about, look for it in books or internet, talk to people that do this, if you don’t know any, look for them anywhere: Linkedin, Facebook, a friend of a friend of yours but MOVE yourself to find it.
  2. You’ll start discarding some of those things, because you don’t really feel like you can see yourself loving it, because it doesn’t go with you, until you go down to 3 or 4 things you would really like, that you see yourself loving. You may even try them before you go on to the next point. Example: If you think you may like being a professor, look to teach a class as a professor’s alternate.
  3. What are these things that you see yourself doing, loving? What do you have to do to get there? So you make an action plan. Example:

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  • If you want to be a painter, you have to:
  1. Take a painting course
  2. Go to galleries to make networking (to connect with people in the same field as you)
  4. After three or four paintings, look for someone that can lend you a place to show them
  • If you want to work as a photographer in some big TV Channel or Magazine
  1. Earn money to a trip to whatever you decide to photograph
  2. Take a photography course
  4. After some pictures, make a portfolio and start sending them to those magazines or channels you’re interested, but don’t stop

I know you’re gonna say “You’re crazy, you make it sound easy and it’s not” and I know that, but if it where easy, everybody would make it, and then how would you know just what your worth? Of course you have to work hard for it to happen and be patient (Remember success is not from night to day).



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Let’s go on to the second fact: “You know what you love but you’re afraid you will be unsuccessful”:

What are we really afraid to lose? Is it money? Is it what other people think? Is it what your family expects you to do?

Let me tell you something… I’ve met tons of people so afraid to live their dreams they end up doing the “eh, it doesn’t bother me that much” “I actually kind of like it, don’t love it but it’s okay” but what if you could say “it drives me crazy, I can’t stop doing it” “I kind of lose my mind when I’m doing it because I love it so much” wouldn’t it be great?

There’s a concept called “flow”, this concept represents that thing that makes us lose ourselves in OURSELVES. IN WHAT WE’RE DOING. IN THAT THING WE LOVE. BECAUSE THAT IS LOVE, IT MAKES YOU LOSE YOURSELF AUTOMATICALLY. THERE’S NOTHING ELSE BUT YOURSELF AND THAT MOMENT. Have you felt it?

This concept is supposed to be one of the three components that makes us happy (according to different studies, including Roko Belice Documentary, 2011). You can feel the flow maybe doing some sport or some hobbie, but I think we need to find it in our jobs. Our jobs take up to ¾ of our day.

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Now do you understand why people are unhappy? Why people lose passion? Why people are so angry with others? Because mostly they are mad with theirselves, they are not happy with their lives, makes sense, right?

Do you know the famous actor Kevin Costner? Did you know he used to be a Marketing Director in some big company, and then at 30 years he met an actor in a plane and told him he always wanted to be one, and the actor said “what are you waiting for?” He returned home and quitted, started as a waiter in LA, and in other little jobs until he got a part in a movie.

Do you know Kentucky Fried Chicken owner? Did you know he was a salesman, and then he was an engine stoker, and was in bankruptcy , until one day he started to make chicken and started selling it because his dream was to have a restaurant, and at 60 years old opened his first one and from there started expanding until he made himself a millionaire, and his restaurants became one of the most famous one in the world?

Do you know J.K Rowling? Did you know she also was in bankruptcy and started writing Harry Potter as an anti-depression tool? Because yes, she suffered from depression.

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We can find excuses NOT do what we love, because of whatever reason you may have and I’m not invaliding it, actually the other way around, but there are always ways to do what you want to do, it just takes an extra effort, but this extra effort can make us lazy (lack of interest and/or energy to proceed in an activity) because maybe it can take you to have two part jobs, the one that pays you and the one you love until you’re successful in the second one, or it takes away the free time you use to go out with friends, party etc. etc. etc.

But then what’s the point of living? What’s the point of having a life YOU DO NOT ENJOY? That you’re not happy with? Maybe this lack of energy to do it, is a defense mechanism don’t you think? It’s just your fear of failing telling you YOU CAN’T DO IT BECAUSE YOU WONT MAKE IT.

You are 99% energy, 90% water, and both of them REACT to what you tell to yourself. If you tell yourself you’ll fail, your whole body, mind and energy will make that happen. It’s not magic, it’s not the SECRET BOOK, IT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT. And if you turn this around to positive thoughts, encouraging yourself and believing you can, believe me, your body, mind and energy will also react to it.

If other people can do it, why can’t YOU do it? Why can’t you live out of your dream? Of being an actor, a producer, a writer, a model, an artist, an entrepreneur, a photographer, a CEO?

Because you don’t have the courage? Because you deserve less?


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